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Whitewater SUP in the Winter?

ATTAIN Promo Video

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It's March 2021 and I'm shooting whitewater paddle boarding (river SUP) on Alberta's Kananaskis River.  The ambient air temperature is a brisk 3 degrees Celsius and the water temperature surely is colder than that.  I should be out shooting skiing at this time of year not water sports.  Not yet. Or so I thought.

When Adlai Majer of local paddle board brand, Kootenay Paddle Boards, calls up and says his new river paddle board, The Attain, has just arrived and he wants to get shots for the website, how could I say no?

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So we agree to meet up at the Widowmaker (ominous name) launch on the Kananaskis River and see what we can get.  Standup paddle boarding (SUP), for most of us, involves a serene, calm lake and a fairly wide and stable board.  Whitewater or river SUP is an entirely different beast.  Add the element of life threateningly cold water and well, you get the picture.

However, Adlai is a very capable paddler and, wearing a drysuit, he is fairly well protected from the elements.  The water is running exceptionally clear with a deep rich blue that is prevalent in mountain rivers.  The sun is shining and by and large, it was an amazing day.  Both Adlai and the Attain performed admirably. 

It was an outstanding day and a successful shoot.  Adlai paddled and I ran up and down the icy river bank, yelling directions over the roar of the water.  Falls were made by both of us but, in the end, we got what we came for.

Kootenay Paddle Boards has a wide range of boards that cater to everyone from the beginner right up to flat water racing and of course, river SUP.  Be sure to check them out if you're in the market for a new board.

Here are some more shots from the shoot:

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Hey!  Thanks for visiting my blog!  I am a commercial photographer with a deep desire to be in the mountains.  In fact, it's sometimes difficult for me to slow down to take photos as I often get caught up in the moment of the sports and lifestyle that I should be shooting.  Aside from my passion for photography, I enjoy backcountry and alpine skiing, both road and mountain biking and hiking with my pup, Denali. If you represent a business and want to do some work together or you're an athlete with some notable talent, feel free to connect with me.  Let's make some magic!

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