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Within today's creative landscape, finding the perfect photographer for your next project can be a daunting task. Not only do you require someone who can capture a unique vision, but also an individual who brings the refined technical skill and experience that ensures your trust.

Your time is valuable and partnering with a photographer that promotes inspiration, timely communication and attention to detail is of the utmost importance.

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So much rides on the first impression you create with a potential customer.

You have a second or two to grab their attention.

How are you going to do that?

In today’s marketing, your social channels are the key to reaching your audience and giving your brand a voice and your website is crucial in converting that audience into paying customers.

Investing in a library of captivating imagery that creates a consistent look and feel to your brand is key to standing out amongst your competition. We will work together to create a narrative that illustrates the story of your people, products and services in a genuine and authentic way.

I work with people and companies big and small to help bring their brands to life on social media, web, and print.

Corporate Photography

Tell your story!

Your company in action. Tell your company story by using natural documentary-style reportage photography. These photos are of your people, your company and your facilities. I will provide a wide range of creatively shot, striking and ‘on-message’ photographs. This can be everything from images that highlight the consumer experience to images that capture the company’s office culture. Each shoot is customized to meet your specific goals.

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I will capture compelling visual imagery that conveys your brand narrative in a relatable way and inspires viewers to recognize, interact, and trust your brand identity. I focus on capturing, not just the environment, background, objects, and the general atmosphere, to transport the viewer, but also induce them with a specific feeling, mood, or nostalgia. My lifestyle photography will help you create a distinct footprint for your brand in the market, which will ultimately ensure brand continuity for your business.

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Business Headshots

Build trust with professional headshots!

Professional headshot photography can help you get opportunities, build trust, and brand yourself as an authority in your area of expertise. A professional headshot can help you say a thousand words in a single image. You want to be seen as accomplished, confident and approachable. Why should your website images or LinkedIn profile photo be anything less?

My on-location corporate headshots are perfect for companies and organizations. Organizing group headshots might sound difficult and time-consuming, but my office headshots are convenient, reliable and fun. In the end, your company will save time and money. A professional headshot helps you make a lasting positive impression.

Event Photography

Professional coverage of your important events!

Unobtrusive, highly professional coverage of sports, conferences, seminars, board meetings and gatherings of all types. I’ll capture speakers, attendees & detail shots showing the overall essence of the event. I focus on telling the story of your event in a way that is both engaging and detailed.

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I love being a fly on the wall, getting candid shots of your attendees enjoying and engaging with people while also getting purposefully posed shots of people smiling at the camera and having a good time. My approach makes your guests feel at ease and comfortable while allowing people to be themselves looking their best for the camera.


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I'm Graham...

A Calgary based commercial and lifestyle photographer

"Photography is not merely a source of income for me; it’s my life's passion. I continually obsess over photos, daydream about upcoming sessions, and play out new photographic techniques all day, every day.

I offer a variety of photography services including corporate lifestyle, executive headshots and event coverage.   I have a  vibrant energy and boundless creative intuition which enables me to create stunning visual images. Revealing beauty in all of 

its forms is of the utmost importance and is the key driving force to my lifetime commitment to the photographic arts. I have a one hundred percent commitment to the creation of powerful, timeless images. I strongly believe that discovering exactly what the client aspires to gain from a photo shoot is extremely important. Making sure that both the client and I are on the same page is a very crucial element to a successful photo shoot.One thing I’m sure of is that everyone who I have had the opportunity to work with is 100% satisfied with the results of their photography session."


Simply click on one of the links on this page or call me at 403.519.7702 and let's chat about your project.  

It's time to establish a distinct and professional visual brand identity for your business!  Let's make the magic happen. 

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